2-3 Year Old Program – exploration is important as children learn to interact with both their peers and teachers



Toddlers are always absorbing language, which is why a classroom rich in language is important.
  • Teachers will describe what they are doing as well as what the child is doing, so that children will hear more language and connect words to actions.
  • Storytime throughout the day as well as allow independent exploration of books.
  • Ask questions about books, and encourage interaction during reading.
  • Allow children opportunities to use their imagination through active play and storytelling
  • Sing songs/rhymes daily.
  • Encourage pretend play independently and with other children.
  • Allow opportunities to experiment with writing materials and classwork


Children start to count and recognize numbers

  • Provide opportunities to count while touching a variety of objects.
  • Provide opportunities to explain if something is more or less, first or last.
  • Provide opportunities to complete simple patterning activities with materials like lacing beads or pop beads.
  • Allow independent exploration of puzzles and sorting materials.
  • Allow measurement using materials in the classrooms.


  • Provide opportunities to explore a variety of materials and tools in a sensory table, and ask questions that encourage children to predict cause/effect/outcome
  • Provide opportunities to use active exploration to solve a problem while discussing if the solution was successful.
  • Provide opportunities to observe and describe weather and seasonal changes.
  • Introduce activities and conversations that help children name and describe body parts.
  • Children start learning about living and nonliving things
  • Offer a variety of recorded music to listen and move freely to.
  • Children will listen to, observe, discuss, move, and imagine
  • Allow opportunities to explore a variety of musical instruments independently.
  • Allow ongoing exploration of a wide variety of age-appropriate art materials such as crayons, markers, paint, glue, play dough, etc.
  • Offer opportunities to participate in pretend or imaginative play in the dramatic play area, as well as with puppets and other people or animal figures.

Social Environment

Social emotional skills are essential in school. Self-regulation and conflict resolution skills lead to a positive sense of self and makes it easier for children to build relationships with others. To develop strong social-emotional skills, teachers:
  • Model empathy and encourage children to imitate comforting behaviors.
  • Model impulse control, and validate children’s emotions, as well as model alternative reactions that will allow children to self-soothe in the future.
  • Provide children with the words to express both positive or negative emotions.
  • Allow children opportunities to demonstrate independence and do some self-care routines themselves.
  • Provide a consistent daily schedule and routine.
  • Model conflict resolution, and provide children with words to use instead of physical actions.


  • Encourage children to use spoons or forks to feed themselves instead of fingers.
  • Offer opportunities to participate in physical play both indoors on climbers or tunnels, and outdoors on playground equipment.
  • Support children to dress or undress themselves, both when needed with their own clothes, as well as in the dramatic play center.
  • Introduce different writing materials like crayons, playdoh, paint, or markers for children to practice making marks on paper.
  • Technology is more than computers, smartphones, and other devices. By true definition for any age level, technology is anything that has been created by humans. Crayons, paints, paper, scissors, markers, dough, cardboard, blocks, etc. should be the technological focus for infant and toddler programs
  • Children will engage in small/large group activitJes which would include block buildin, creatin mazes, and other items to explore their environment

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