3-4 Year Old Program

”Talking Parrots“


  • Help children listen to and follow simple multi-step directions.
  • Model and teach children how to ask questions.
  • Teach children how to hold a book and turn the pages from left to right.
  • Sing songs with rhyming and repetition that builds vocabulary and encourage phonological awareness.
  • Describe things and have conversations that help increase communication skills and vocabulary.


Mathematics deals with numbers, but it also includes patterns, shapes, and much more

  • Sing songs, finger-plays and nursery rhymes that include numbers.
  • Use mathematical language, such as large/small, under/over, up/down to describe position and location.
  • Provide toys that engage children in exploring size, shape, and color
  • Provide tools that allow them to measure objects such as scales, rulers, measuring tapes, clocks, timers, and measuring cups. • Count with children and touch each object as they count. • Children will learn that things are similar or different, sort and match objects, talk about numbers, count, explore shapes, and describe patterns.


We will encompass biology (things we observe and use in nature), chemistry (the material properties of any resource we can make or find in our everyday environment), and physics (describes how material move in relation to each other).  Science encourages investigation of their environment while answering their questions. 

  • Provide magnifying glasses to explore objects.
  • Plant seeds and water plants with children . • Read non-fiction books about pets, plants, bodies, water, etc. • Children start learning about living and nonliving things

Social Environment

  • Provide children with opportunities to lead and gain a sense of independence through classroom jobs and making choices throughout their day.
  • Read books that are related to helping children describe and understand their feelings.
  • Model appropriate interactions and help children develop the language to express their emotions.
  • Play games that encourage children to stop and go, thereby controlling their actions. For example, games like Simon Says and Red Light Green Light, which require children to think before they can act


  • Provide balls, bean bags and materials for children to roll, throw, bounce, and catch.
  • Teach children how to garden and plant seeds or care for plants.
  • Coding for Preschoolers starts with learning screen free coding which begins with using graphs and sequences.  Engaging their minds to think outside the box and increase their problem solving skills.
Is the process by which young children discover how things in their world are build and work.  It is a process to solve problems and testing solutions
  • Children will build and create forts, design & build roller coasters, chemical reaction experiment and engage in other activities to expand their thoughts. Plus much more
  • Encourage creative and allow children to illustration concepts in their own unique way. Plus much more  

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24 hour care

Want to hit the MGM casino, enjoy an evening out on the town…… we are here to provide all of your childcare needs

Educational curriculum

We have an educational curriculum for children as young as three months old

Camera monitoring

Camera monitoring is available (additional fee applies)

Fun innovative activities

Fun innovative activities on the weekend to keep your children into town
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