About us
At Wiggles & Giggles Daycare Center, children experience the wonders of early childhood development and learning while forming strong social, educational, life-skills foundation. We recognize that each child learns, grows, and develops at their own momentum and pace. We recognize the importance of providing an innovative, creative, and nurturing environment as we try to create a home away from home for each child. We will nurture your child’s emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and psychological development with an integrated learning system that encourage, reading, writing, science, history and arithmetic. Our standard-based curriculum is designed to suite each state of childhood development while providing them with important character-building skills. We take advantage of the latest learning technology so that learning is both engaging and exciting.

Preparing Every Child for Kindergarten and Beyond
Understanding that it takes a village to raise a child is the foundation of Wiggles & Giggles Daycare Center. All of our programs provide a nurturing and encouraging learning experience so that your child learns to love learning. It’s here, teachers will know your child to that a personalized learning experience occurs as we help develop your child’s academic skills.

Who We Are

Wiggles & Giggles Daycare Center began in 2019 by L. Robinson. The inspiration was giving to her by her daughter who is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She has a Masters Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in childhood development. Children have become their passion to provide excellent care and nurturing for all children.  
The Center’s leadership consist of the following individuals and positions:
Director: Roxanne Mack
Assistant Director: Lauren Gross & Carneal Sealey
In addition, we have an Advisory Board, whose membership consists of parents and community p ppl members who want to contributelo their time, ideas, and efforts to helping improve Wiggles & Giggles Daycare Center for our children. 
And last, but certainly not least, there are dedicated teachers who have chosen to contribute their talents and expertise to the Center. Without dedicated individuals , our Center could not serve the community at large. 

Mission Statement

Wiggles & Giggles Daycare Center’s mission is to provide quality child care and learning experiences for children in a safe and caring nurturing environment where children can express their individuality while helping them develop socially, creatively, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Wiggles & Giggles Daycare will strive to work cooperatively with the community. We provide a wide range of age-appropriate learning opportunities for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age to develop and grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, while also learning life skills. Wiggles & Giggles Daycare takes pride in its reputation and strives to uphold and promote values and principles, which encompass fairness and honesty.


Wiggles & Giggles Daycare Center is dedicated to providing a warm and loving family environment for children. With our smaller size, we are able to give quality, individualized care to families at affordable prices, and we also offer various discounts and vouchers to help with the overall cost of care. Many basic child care necessities are provided at no additional cost by the Center, to include home-style meals and snacks and many more enriched incentives. For a child with special needs, we work to provide the best care possible while helping the family explore all additional community resources to enhance the child’s well-being. The environment at the Center promotes learning while having fun during the process. Through a mixture of hands-on experiences, group activities, and individual play, our children develop the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills necessary for all aspects of life and growth.


<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Emotional&nbsp;</span></p>


• to become independent and learn how to control their emotions
• to be able to express their emotions in a positive way - using words
to learn how others express and deal with emotions while developing empathy with others
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Social&nbsp;</span></p>


• to be able to interact effectively with others while acknowledging each other similarities and differences
to be able to respect others and their personal property
• to be able to function well in a group setting while learning how to cooperate with others
• to be able to develop meaningful friendships
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Physical&nbsp;</span></p>


• to develop gross and fine motor skills
• to learn the importance of good nutrition and good hygiene
• learning the importance of physical activities
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Intellectual&nbsp;</span></p>


• learning to love reading, writing, arithmetic, science experiments, and social sciences
• to learn observation and discussion skills
• to expand upon the child’s curiosity through active play and experiment
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