Pre-K (4-5 Year Old Program)

”Little Explorers”


· Encourage children to use more complex sentences.
· Encourage children to contribute to group conversations and activities.
· Help children recognize their own name in print and children will start writing their name in preparation for kindergarten.
· Provide tools for children to create writing marks in sand and other media with a stylus
· Help children begin to recognize most uppercase and some lowercase letters.
  • Children will start having homework and projects to complete with their parents/guardians


  • Provide board games with opportunities to count and compare quantities.
  • Encourage children to match patterns and recognize different type of
  • Have children help set the table, count items to ensure that each member of the class has what they need.
  • Encourage children to talk about the sequence of events.
  • Encourage children to create and extend patterns.
  • Encourage children to name and write numbers 0-10.
  • Use position terms such as above, below, beside, and between.


Children’s scientific curiosity is fostered in our classrooms through observation and experimentation.
Children are given opportunities to engage in hands-on scientific exploration and predict outcomes of experiments. To help children explore science concepts, teachers:
  • Encourage children to sort objects based on different attributes and explain their reasoning.
  • Plan scientific experiments such as: § Mixing baking soda and vinegar and have children observe what happens § Experiment with colored water so children can examine primary colors and create secondary colors § Plant seeds and have children predict growth patterns and document their observations.
  • Provide classroom objects to create simple machines to enhance their play.

Social Environment

Our pre-K curriculum places a strong emphasis on social-emotional and self-regulation skills so children can be better prepared for kindergarten.
Our teachers help children learn how to:
  • Identify their emotions and the emotions of others.
  • Use words and actions to effectively express how they feel.
  • Regulate their emotions with adult support, if needed.
  • Maintain friendships.
  • Play with peers for an extended period of time.


Physical growth and development is an important aspect of a child’s development.
The curriculum incorporates gross (large) motor development and also personal care routines. Children learn to:
  • Demonstrate coordination and balance in a variety of activities.
  • Communicate about foods that will keep them healthy.
  • Demonstrate basic safety practices.
  • Attend to personal care practices with minimal help from adults.
  • Coding for Preschoolers starts with learning screen free coding which begins with using graphs and sequences.  Engaging their minds to think outside the box and increase their problem solving skills.
Is the process by which young children discover how things in their world are build and work.  It is a process to solve problems and testing solutions.
  • There are a multitude of different types of engineers—from Aerospace Engineers to Zoo Engineers. Engineering is a broad term for specialized people that have one major thing in common: the Engineering Design Process. The Engineering Design Process (EDP) is a step-by-step method of solving a problem by creating something tangible with a specific function
  • Children will build and create forts, design & build roller coasters, chemical reaction experiment and engage in other activities to expand their thoughts
  • Encourage creative and allow children to illustration concepts in their own unique way plus much more

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